Our Methods

Pinnacle Media is an agile customer-oriented company that adapts its approach to your business' needs.  We work closely with you to ensure we are always in step with your goals and vision.  This six step process is our roadmap to success:

Requirements Gathering and Planning

Success is based on a clear understanding of the vision, goals and requirements for the project, and on having a clear roadmap to meeting them.  We train to be multi-disciplinary, quickly using our understanding of your business needs to sketch strategic recommendations.  This creates a productive conversation where ideas are proposed and refined immediately and a solid strategy quickly emerges.

Interface & Marketing Design

User experience is everything, and everything impacts it.  Design begins by setting marketing and conversion goals for the site, and ideating towards the interface, text and messaging that will achieve them.  We strive to create designs that elevate your profile, and achieve high conversion.

Software Design

We don't believe that software design is secondary to front-end design.  Good back-end design results in long term cost savings, better control over content and a website that is more responsive to the market.  We take pride in developing intuitive tools that can adapt and grow with your business.

Production and Quality Control

Our programming team is in-house and devoted to the highest standard of website production.  We build clean, manageable code, and respect W3C standards to make your site more accessibile and search engine friendly.  Our formalized testing and QA process ensures that we deliver compatible, bug free websites.

Site Clinic

For high traffic websites, we design goal-oriented test cases and hire non-expert users to test the features and user-friendliness of the site, to ensure that our design is understandable and meets all of their needs.


Prior to launch, we provide on-site training to ensure that you have a complete understanding of your website's capabilities and how to manage its tools.

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