About Pinnacle Media

Pinnacle Media is a Montreal web design firm that is recognized as an industry leader across North America.  Our tight, flexible team of design, marketing and web technology experts deliver solutions with an extremely rarified level of care and consideration for business needs.  We assist our clients in building valuable brands, reducing overhead, and achieving high returns on their marketing programs.

Our Vision: Effective Web Design and Marketing for All

We believe that every business deserves an affordable functional website that helps them to leverage the full potential that the web offers.  Unfortunately the high cost of professional web design is prohibitive to small businesses, and the scarcity of skilled developers often hampers enterprise class projects.   Pinnacle Media's business model is designed to address these problems through two core activities:

  1. Designing feature-rich "off the shelf" website packages that small businesses can afford
  2. Training junior developers to become skilled consultants that can handle complex projects

With training and guidance, our small business team delivers excellent quality web design at prices affordable to small business owners, and are mentored through projects of growing complexity.  We're making better web design less expensive, and building the human capital to take on tomorrow's challenges.

Our Mission

To use research, experience and creativity to design strategies that will solidify and expand our clients' market positions.

Our Values

Excellence: always striving to improve the quality of our work

Steadfastness: unwavering support for our clients and projects

Integrity: being honest and upstanding in all of our dealings

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